Moin, Moin!

Our Oetken Gongs are made as well as the Meinl Gongs and ollihess Gongs in our manufacture in the north of germany.

The used material is called alpaka and we are building gongs in ten standardsizes.
16", 20", 24", 28", 32", 36", 40", 50", 60" and 80"

Recently we had restmaterial by Walter Meyer, so there were built some smaller gong.

Through the handwork is every gong a kind of unique copy
Because of that it is possible that a gong is a little bit smaller or bigger than his named size

Altough we are building gongs with the biggest carefulness it isn't possible to avoid marks of the production completly. These marks are a sign for handcrafted quality.

We are glad to show you the results of our work on the following pages.
If you would like a customized -gong, a special frequency or sound, please do not hesitate... give us a mail and we could see if it's possible.
Also if you have other questions...

But we have to ask for your understanding that we don't reserve any frequencies or apparances for a gog just for one person.

We are thinking that our website is a process... so we are very curious about the development of this website.
Have a lot of fun rummaging on our website

Broder and Ines